Fighters deployed at start from cruisers

Hi Cliff,
exactly what is in header. I just watched how nicelly the fighters return after the fight is over back to the cruisers fighter bays. Can you please consider to have an option having fighters do the same at the start of the battle? Like I start with cruisers and frigates only and fighters will popup like angrey bees :wink: I really would like that. What do you think?

yes yes yes we want that

well strictly speaking the game added carriers after fighters, so as a legacy of that, they dont actually need cruiser carrier bays. But are you suggesting for purely aesthetic reasons that it would be cool for (for example) any cruisers with escorting fighters started a battle with those fighters in the launch bay and immediately launched them?
Which could be cool.

Yes I did not mean to change gameplay, just aesthetic reasons. I think it’s a nice idea. Please try it

That would be cool, but on small maps it might be hard to believably get several squadrons out of a single cruiser bay in before an enemy fighter-only fleet arrives.

the enemy would also need to launch the fighters so thats pretty much covered :smiley:
and yeah,this would seriously upgrade the coolness factor,me want ^^

I thought the game already did this, at least when the fighters have the escort order. It’s probably just an unintended optical illusion since the fighters start out at the same spot as the ship they protect when you give them the escort order, but thats what it always looked like to me.

I’m specifically talking about an enemy fighter only fleet, which will not deploy from cruisers because this enemy fleet does not have cruisers.

good point… then the fighters could arrive off-screen or something

you mean like what they do now, when they just show up from hyperspace or GSB’s equivallent?

it could be good if you could enable it and disable saying that the battle is in the far reaches of space and fighters dont have the fuel reserves to get there

yes, I would love to have it optional. good idea Jake