Fighters having severe difficulties entering carriers

Perhaps it has something to do with the new entrance point code on the carriers, but it seems fighters have severe difficulty getting into the carriers now.

They can be seen circling the ship in large clouds, although maybe one in fifteen manage to eventually find their way in.

I’m investigating this now

Ok, this should be fixed in the next patch :frowning: It’s related to the speed of the fighetrs as they approach the ship, which is why I hadn’t spotetd it during testing. It depends on the speed the game is running, and the ship movement speed…
Anyway, fixed in next patch…

after learning about such things - every time i find myself writing physics/movement code in a ‘game’ (they’re barely sketches compared to real games) … i’m trying very very hard to totally decouple the moment/physics from any of the display code. it just seems to generate too many problems :wink:

For a moment there I thought it was an intentional nerf of carriers by making them (slowly) repair one fighter at a time.

nah, cliff wouldn’t do that. carriers are useless anyway until cliff adds the fighter “Flocking” behavior.

and a ‘repair’ order as once the carrier is destroyed, fighters do a Mont Python and RUN AWAY … the cowards … repair or DIE you worthless underlings