fighters not docking to carrier

4th bug of the day, but hey what are betas for, right?

It seems as though when fighters are docking, they won’t dock directly to the carrier, merely despawn in the general vicinity. To reproduce, just get a carrier and some fighters and keep an eye out.

Side note: I suspect this bug is caused by the z value of the fighters, since the ones that despawn away from the carrier seem to parallax a lot more/less than it

Ah interesting. they should gradually compensate for the Z, but it sounds like I screwed up D: Cheers.

by compinaste do you mean that they will diaper later, or slowly change to the same z level as the carrier?

They should slowly change as they approach, but actually the bug is separate to this. When I moved some of the cruiser and dreadnought modules to make them easier to use in the ship designer, some are outside the hull, and they go to that location, but now, for the next version I’ve changed the code so that they pick a random location that is part of the hull, and dock/undock from there instead.