[Fighters orders] WTF... they like dont listen

I dont understand the idea of coding the fighters as when they dont have target in range they target anything … Iv got no order for attacking other fighters on my fighters ( my fighters should only attack cruisers) but as they are out of maximum possible to set range, they attack enemy fighters that are closer (with torpedoes what is totally stupid… ). I think that if there is no order for attack on some type if unit … the ships shouldnt attack it until there is no other kind of ships.

Secondly i would propose to change fighters to 2 types: fighters and bombers) that would unable to load “heavy” fighter weapons (as torpedoes) on fighters and light weapons (as anti fighter lasers or something) on bombers. It would help to give orders to some fighters for example to attack only bombers and so on.

yes, that’s still a very annoying “feature” I still don’t understand why it was put in. If I wanted my fighters to still attack other fighters I would have set the percentage to 1, but not removed it.

its not exactly a feature,not exactly a bug either
just the way the game works, because Cliff didnt forsee this problem…

its an issue since day 1,cliff will “probably” get around to fixing it sooner or later,but he has his hands full with the campaign right now

imho i dont see that as a big issue anyway since i simply dont use bombers… the only heavy strikecraft i use are corvettes,but thats a mod thing :smiley:
the vanilla bombers are kinda wimpy, i always considered a better move just not using bombers at all and using the resources for fighters or better capital ships

yea, but iv got a little problem now… something like 20 packs of torpedo bombers … and i dont know how to kill em not dying 1st :stuck_out_tongue:

tried a fighter swarm and no capital ships at all? :slight_smile:

There are two solutions:

  1. Dogfighters: tropedo bombers will try to kill any fighter surrounding them if they are not yet in range of anything else, use some pulse laser fighters to kill them off and distract them.
  2. anti fighter Cruisers/frigates: torpedo’s are very heavy, making the fighters they are mounted on slow, use anti fighter missiles/lasers to easily take them out.

1% attack applies to the drivers too, unfortunately - eventually resulting in cruisers and frigates chasing uselessly after fighters once the driver latched on.

I prefer it the way it is now. The slow missile weapons and torpedoes were suffering before that change anyway, they need to be looked at separately.