Fighters: the Strongest Fleet in GC


that might actually be a good idea… personally i have not seen many viable uses for frigates considering their cost/efficiency ratio, i usually rely on a mix of cruisers and fighters simply for the reason that frigates have a very low survivability factor… if i decide to use them its mostly just very specialized roles
(well,just 2 really… EMP mixed with light fire support or the generally annoying fly-around-fast-peashooting-stuff sort)
investing more in a cruiser that has a greater degree of potential versatility seems better for me,since unless frigates are designed to deal with a specified situation, they tend to explode real fast,where cruisers usually last a bit…
anyways… fighter spam could very well be countered by viable anti-fighter platforms (flak frigs etc) or there could simply be a “transportation limit”
what i would like to see is fighters actually being expendable and ignorable… the ship of the size of a fighter should not be able to perform jumps, so instead they would need to be loaded into a ship… either simply into a cruiser,or being limited by number of hangars/docking/repair bays available in the fleet…

for example a battle could be auto-lost if all that remained would be fighters (or it could continue as usual for the purpose of killing enemy ships but the battle could still be considered lost and territory would remain enemy)… or the battle could finish normally but the player would be forced to bring more cruisers/carriers (depending on the capacity type chosen to be implemented) in order to move the fighters to another system

I do like the idea of fighters not being able to hold territory,
and or that you would need cruisers to ferry them around.

But I don’t think that solves the heart of the problem.
The problem being fast laser Fighters kill anything else.

There is no credit per credit hard counter to a fighter spam strategy. (that I know of without using fighters)
Frigates are no good at it, and cruisers can do it but at large cost.
I feel the flaw lies in the existing Anti FT weaponry not being effective enough.

another solution might be dumbing down the lucky shots alot?

Tribe Anti Fighter Cruisers can kill 2x credits worth of laser fighters.

Thunderbird, when I refer to capital ships I’m talking about Battleships at the low end. In the context of GSB as it is now, then yes CR are cap’s. Abstracted from just the ship classes we have now, capital ships would be the ships 1-2 classes above cruisers which is what i was referring to xD

Interesting I have 3 questions for that?
1: What cruiser hull were you using,
2: and do you feel it is just tribe specific?
3: Do you know of a Frigate counter to fighter spam? (That’s cost effective)

  1. Utopia
  2. Yes, Tribe repair + armor = 1050 worth of critical. Other race only has 490 for nano-repair. While Tribe is clearly the best, credit to credit AA cruisers for all race can beat laser fighters.
  3. No, Frigates are horrible against fighter spams with at least 20% worth of rockets. Shield resistance is essential in beating fighter spams. Of course, if this is a pure laser fighter spam, then frigates are great. Try a rebel loki with 1 shield, 1 power armor, 1 tractor, and 2x anti fighter missiles, or a tribe tranquility with 1 shield, 2 power armor, 1 armor 3, 2x anti fighter missiles, 1 tractor, and one repair. DO NOT use weapon platform, or Empire in general.

Here is the test results using 28000 Tribe Dual Laser vs 14000 worth of Loki, win with 100%

Here is the test results using 28000 Tribe Dual Laser vs 14000 worth of Tranquility, win with 100%

Notice Loki only receive 2/3 the damage tranquility does due to it’s reduced size. But tribe is still good since it has 450 worth of repair. Of course, the moment I mix 30% dual rockets with rescuer in it, the frigates will just die.

Thx for the info I’ll start testing it out.