Filter button for 'attempted' messages

Can we get a filter button (or option not to receive) the ‘xxx has attempted’ or ‘xxx has defeated you’ type of messages? I’m not interesting in reading these (but I do like reading what people have to say when they choose to write their own message), but I’m reluctant to block ‘system’, since I don’t know if later this will be sending more interesting messages :slight_smile:

I get quite a lot of attempted messages, and it’s tiresome having to delete them all (and having to be careful not to delete the little gems hidden between them) every day

Most extreme example yet…

I logged on today, after about 24 hours offline. I had to delete 94 automatic messages, to get to read the 2 real messages I’d been sent :smiley: As the popularity of the game increases, this’ll get worse.

Blocking the ‘system’ account would solve the problem… But then I wouldn’t get messages telling me when someone’s sent me a challenge, for example.