Filter in the "load design" section of the ship design.


When we’re loading a design to modify, could we have some sort of filters like race, or ship class? It would make managing our stables of designs a lot easier.


you mean when designing ships? I agree that that would be a logical extention to the filter in the deploy screen and would allow for easier controll than scrolling an increasingly longer list.


I vote for this!

Design Management will be a big improvement.

Especially for those of us who maintain a lot of designs for every race.


Normally it’s one of the more senior and experienced forum folks who posts this gentle rebuke, but since it hasn’t happened yet, I suppose I’ll do it.

This suggestion, while undeniably a good one, has been posted more than once in the past in this very forum. Please read back at least a few pages before making new threads.

And if you did so and simply did not see any of the other threads on this topic, no offense is intended.



personally i add a 2-4 letter tag in front of the ship name to differentiate my designs somewhat, but its not a very good way to keep track of over 50 designs…
TC - Tribe Cruiser
TF - Tribe Fighter
TFF - Tribe Frigate

until the sorting gets implemented try this,it`ll keep you from going insane atleast


This would be great, atleast the option to user different folders with my different races/ship hulls in them


This is the only thing keeping me from going insane. And actually, by not having this feature, I haven’t been playing GSB as much as I did when I first bought it.


I actualy name every ship like this : Rebel -name of hull- type of ship- ( if more than one desigh -> MK(numerals) + possible design nickname


Ah, duly noted.


Coming in the next patch, sortable by 3 categories:


Sweet! This game keeps getting better and better.


1.41 looks to have some really snazzy improvements to the interface.