I found a game called Rockstar years ago, here is a discussion of it on

This game had sex, drugs, the ability to make your own song and album names, released hits from other bands, the ability to tour you local area, then Englad, then Europe, then America. Once you got to a certain level of fame you would hit superstardom and everything got harder and better - except I always OD’d at that point :slight_smile: I can’t believe how simple this is, and how much I’ve played it! I played it to the point where the randomly generated song names ran out, and I had to reinstall to get them back.

The interesting thing is people keep saying “why hasn’t anyone remade this game”?

Does anyone else here know of the game I speak? There were many other imitations…

There is also a punk band maker somewhere online which is pretty cool. You can actually choose from loops and riffs and make an entire song and save it.

I’d love to hear about any other games like this, I’ve got my credit card ready for Clifski’s version.

Yes, I have Rockstar as well. One tip is to stay away from anything harder than mary jane otherwise you’ll eventually OD on it. There is another game called “Shady O’ Grady’s Rising Star” which has a demo that is fairly new, within the past month.

That sounds interesting, looking at the website now. I love games that are "a vehicle for your own creativity: =)

I couldn’t get rising star to work under vista. I did get it running under XP though. It’s a very different style of game to Rock Legend.