Finding it difficult.

Picked this up a few days ago.
I’ve got a basic line going which makes a small amount of profit. This is with a 70% markup (!) on a basic starting sedan.
What I’m struggling with is the next phase. Expansion blues.
So I research lots of nice new tech and try to expand the line.
This is catastrophically expensive. Firstly demolishing parts of your setup and starting afresh will bankrupt you. Abandoned that one.
So I get a giant factory and setup a basic line.
Then I make another line with all my shiny new tech for a land rover type car with lots of bells and whistles.
This took well over £1.5 million to make and I needed to take out a loan. Hate loans.
I didn’t design it very well and it was backing up all over the place. But I cant delete any of it and redo because of the costs of doing so.

What we have here is a game where you constantly have to restart it. Even making a small error is devastating money wise.

I would recommend we be able to move purchased equipment around with no cost. Just to make the game possible for someone who doesn’t sit there with a pen and paper trying to plan it all out to the n’th degreee.

Edit… A major gripe is the ’ insufficient rescources ’ tag. God I absolutely hate this !!! I have tried researching all the right tech but it still appears…even if the place is right next to the importer and it has a stockpile right next to it.
HATE !!!

It sounds like the biggest mistake you have is that you are building a second line for a different car design. You can happily produce multiple car designs on the same line. Once you do this, you should find the game becomes dramatically easier.
Also you will find that because you only have one line, splitting the tasks down into smaller sub tasks will also hugely reduce the circumstances when you run out of resources, as the number of different resources for each slot goes down.
If you are still stuck, please let us know.

I wasnt aware of that !
Must work on that tutorial :slight_smile:
Thanks for the info.