Finding Max Strength of Tier 2 or 3 Cures?

I’ve been using an analyzer to find the max strengths of cures and side effects, but I’m not seeing it find the max strength of cures produced in the second or third tiers. Is this intentional? Or am I not doing something right?

If you’re only analyzing the base ingredients, it will only find the max strength of that level of cure. You need to upgrade the ingredients then put them through the analyzer to find the max strength at the different levels.

Do you have to upgrade an ingredient all five levels, or just one, or one per tier level?

Send it into the Analyzer right before you’d put it into a pill printer/creamer/other maker.

OK, I understand now… I was fixated on the idea of the analyzer only working with ingredients coming right out of the wall. I see now what you were saying. Thanks!

Well that’s a potentially expensive way of doing things - better to send it to the Analyser as soon as it’s upgraded to the next level cure, rather than waste money adjusting it’s concentration before analysing it.

You can also look at the helprate % in the GameData/ file, divide your treatment rate (sales divided by succesful treatments) by your helprate %. If treatrate / helprate is 65%, it is 1 concentration removed from 100%, if 50% then 2, if 42%, then 3, if less than that obviously it is more removed. A product needs to sell about 20-30 times before you have an accurate established treatment rate.

Or you could run it through an analyzer, it’s probably a lot less hassle. Side effects have at minimum 45% str and cure effects 30%.

I’d argue that the game should simply tell you str after several hundred sales and that the analyzer should tell you in 1/10th the time because you can do the maths yourself anyway, its just a pain to do it.

Well, I know which country you’re from. Or at least which continent you aren’t from. :stuck_out_tongue:

I never look in the game data files. I figure if you have to dig through the files to get data, you’re probably not supposed to have it. Although since that data is always the same, it does seem kind of pointless to hide it. Even if people don’t do the math or look it up in the files, they can probably get a feel for it after playing for a while, which reduces the effect of hiding it.

well, you can play the heck out of the game and memorize everything, or experiment and write it down in a spreadsheet and know what’s going on after a couple years. But why do that, if you can look in the gamedata files in 5 min? I’d much rather have a photographic memory for things like this but the gamedata files are the next best thing.

It would not take a couple of years to write it down in a spreadsheet. Maybe a couple of Big Pharma years, but a day or two of real life at most. And it would take longer to get a feel for it without writing it down but wouldn’t be impossible. Furthermore, I don’t think the intention is for you to do any of those things (game data, spreadsheet, or memorization). You’re supposed to rediscover the data each game as far as I can tell, which is a little silly if it never changes. Perhaps that data should be randomized so you can’t memorize it or keep track of it.

Part of this thread recommends using analyser as soon as a cure is activated (w/o wasting $/effort on adjusting concentration), and part of the thread says one must sell 20 or 30 times to get accurate analysis.

So is the best approach to sell a cheap (i.e. pill) version of cure as soon as it is activated and then analyse it once 30 or so have been sold? And once Strength is known, adjust the concentration before making more of the product/pill?

Those are two separate methods. The method of selling it first is a less-precise way to do it (unless you look in the game files and do some math) and assumes that you don’t want to use an analyzer. If you’re going to analyze it (and/or want to get the max without needing trial and error or external tools), don’t bother with the other method. I for one analyze it as soon as I have the cure I want unlocked (before even getting it into its active concentration range) so I know exactly what concentration to aim for. That is the “correct” way to do it in that it doesn’t require advanced knowledge (which the game doesn’t give you).

TY - I mod’d the scenarios.dat file so everything is unlocked and I have tons $ - so I’ll try both ways (analyze w/o
getting it into its active concentration range vs making the pill and digging thru GameData/ file).
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go to OW thru portal even tho OW chunk shouldn’t been loaded (wish I’d thought of that before I built it :slight_smile: ).

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What kind of server is it on? I mean, vanilla/bukkit/spigot/etc as well as what version. As far as I know that shouldn’t happen on vanilla servers, but bukkit or spigot servers might cull mobs from unloaded chunks to improve performance and maybe vanilla has been updated to do the same. I could see that being an optimization that they would make since it would reduce server load.

In any case, probably the way to fix it (besides switching to a version where that doesn’t happen) would be to use two accounts and have one AFK in the overworld to keep the mobs from despawning there. If you don’t have a spare account of your own, maybe you could get a friend or someone else on the server to help you out there.

It was 1.8.1 to 1.8.3, spigot, and the mods/host company kept changing settings every few weeks b/c way too many… way too few spawns.
“was” b/c that server got reset a few weeks ago.
I did have a buddy AFK in OW for me and worked pretty well. Also, I just killed the portal in Nether, AFK solo, and that worked OK (just not as neat as the pile up in the OW and the hilarious “dog scares skelly” things).
Anyway, I should probably stay on topic.

I ran thru all 22 “explore” items (11 1st level effects + several side effects) straight into analyzers. Will try the “make pill + sell” just to try to understand it better.
Will post here if I think I learn anything.

well, ran for quite some time w/ a few cures being produced.

I guess “Cubit32” meant treatment rate (sales divided by successful treatments) needs awhile to hone in on exact ratio.
But even w/ 250 of several drugs administered, the math is not quite working to what “Cubit32” wrote.
(or I may not be using correct values.)

I can see ‘helprate’ in the effects.dat file,

I took ‘sales’ and ‘successful treatments’ from the Company tab and mouse over of the CureRating column for each Product
‘Sales’= Total Administered
‘successful treatments’= X removed/improved/eased/decreased/neutralised/levels restored/episodes halted/etc.

As opposed to the Cures Tab and the
Total Supplied This Month and Total Cured This Month… which I don’t think would be correct as some products don’t “Cure”,
but are effective in treating, plus it should narrow in on a single value, not a time-based one (i.e. varying monthly).

Well, have mapped most of the max strength (using straight into analyzers) up to 3rd level Cure of all 11 and not seeing correlation to

In fact some (maybe 7 of 43?) don’t even have a helprate listed. All “level”:0 entries appear to have a helprate, so perhaps it is just inherited to the next level if not provided at a given level?

e.g. “id”:“liverdisease”, has no “helpRate” entry

I never really understood this post (and mildly suspected it to be a troll-ish post), because it didn’t make much sense (and I could never get the math to work), but in any case, the max concentrations are readable in a file once a game is started.
The ingredient need not be analyzed, or even discovered, or even in the game, for the info to show in the file (all 68 possible effects and cures)

In the My Games/Big Pharma/Saves directory, the “.sav” file for each game will have all max concentrations, under “maxStrengthConcentrations”.

Obviously this could be considered cheating,