Finding Savegame File

I have not had the game long, and I have heard that you can MOD.
I have already modded the starting cash amount, but now I want to try and edit things such as, IQ Level, etc… Only problem is,. I can’t find my savegame in the game directory.
I saved it, under ‘default’, but I have NO idea where I can find it… Can someone help me? :cry:

Saved games are in C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\My Documents\kudos\savegames

You should back up the file before editing it though.

Oh! I though it was in program files… Thanks!

Now, one more thing…

How can I edit: IQ, Confidence, Happiness, Tiredness etc…? :slight_smile:

In the config.txt file at the very bottom edit:

_IQ_DEGRADE = 1.00

So when you gain xp for them you don’t lose it.

And maybe change:

So you finish books quickly.

To edit how quickly you gain other xp, look in the \data\simulation folder all those files can be edited, for example open solo_activities.csv and change sudoku to this:

#,sudoku,Play sudoku,It’s the number puzzle that’s taking over the world. Become the master of the 1-9 numbered boxes.,0,default,0,0,0,-1,-1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,#,“stress,-0.9,_STRESS_DEGRADE”,“iq_logic,0.9,_LOGIC_DEGRADE”,“loneliness,0.07,0.4”,“tiredness,-0.9,_TIRED_DEGRADE”,“boredom,-0.9,0.25”,#,“sudokubook,1.0”,

What that does, is make your stress, tiredness, and boredom go down a lot
and make your IQ increase very high.