Fine tune productivity and UI suggestions

Hey, first of all, great game so far! I really enjoyed the first hours with the game.

Some things i quickly noticed, which i know from other games and they would be extremely useful / fitting here.

Fine tune the productivity / workload for each assembly station:
To perfectly synchronize each station, there should be an option where i can modify at how much percentage this station is operating. Lets say at full capacity it has the same stats as now, whole time spent 12 min, workers needed 6. With a simple slider i could adjust that for example i only want the station to run at 50 % capacity, ergo using only 3 workers but taking 24 min now. This would be extremely helpful and also realistic, because if a station has to wait on another, why not let it only run on reduced capacity?

Another thing i noticed was that i was very confused later in the game when i started researching features for the car and modifying my production line. It took me very long to find the correct station where the researched feature is built-in (can be upgraded). Please add some functionality or simply add in the tooltip for the researched feature, exactly which stations are needed to implement the new feature (not only the “unlocks xy” tooltip, but highlighting the exact substation (assemble steering, etc.)

Keep up the good work!

I know what you mean about directing you to the slot, and we did add this ‘new’ thing to the slot upgrades list at one point, although the problem is, sometimes you have, (for example) two ‘fit roof’ slots, and you research ‘unlock sunroof’ and you only want to apply the upgrade to one slot (the one dealing with your premium cars with sunroofs) and not the other.
In this case, do we keep hovering a big ‘upgrade available’ icon above the other one?
I could do that for many a certain length of time after research was done… maybe that would be worth trying?