finished game

hey heys, i saw the game on yogs cast and bought it right away:0) just finished the game scenarios all at mastery level enjoyed it very much. some notes i made while playing for feed back and suggestions. space bar to pause the game would be nice. trying to click on machine or belts that are near a wall ingredient output sometimes is impossible. would be nice to be able to rotate the entire map. machine linage permanence or mail me a poster of it for my wall :slight_smile:

when using 3 chromatographs or 3 ultraviolet curer, the exit belts/timing can be a pain. you either have to install the belt one at a time going into the machine to stagger the time to avoid jams or on the exit line you need to add an outlet belt that’s not an an end. play around with it. was annoying but that’s why we beta. never had to use the hali colider as part of any scenario.

 all the scenarios were easy to understand the goals except for 2 scenarios.  the megacure would be better worded to say 2 cures in one treatment.  the money spinners could say, 2 products treating a different cure.  took me a while to figure out the megacure  and then doing money spinner i was treating it like the megacure scenario. granted it was late.

regardless of what scenario i was doing i would hire an explorer and two researchers right away. unless an ingredient was heavily leaning for a favorable tier one cure i found no reason to ever use them. just waited until ag/ion/reagent all finished and then took out a loan and then win after a few saves testing out max effective range on the cure. maybe stagger the loan amounts based on the year the loan is taken would entice people to use tier one cures. maybe every scenario for mastery level could include also having no loans outstanding before it can be completed. all in all, the loans kind of made it so that getting mastery achievement was assured.

sandbox im sure we all want :slight_smile: and maybe a scenario creation utility/share like in plague inc.

great game :slight_smile:



Just to give a few elements I saw in other threads :slight_smile:

That’s already included in v0.41.00 :slight_smile:

I never had the issue (granted, sometimes clicking is a bit hard.)
FYI, rotating the entire map has already been suggested somewhere else (viewtopic.php?f=49&t=11409&p=73568&hilit=rotate#p73568)

Agreed, but I think it’s part of the game (trying to figure how to place everything)
What would be your solution ?

Actually, you can go either way: produce 1 drug with high-level upgrade that gives you enough money, or combine 2 effects (I just finished this scenario myself, I agree 2 effects is probably the fastest/best way to do it)

That’s part of the schedule (

yes placing the machines and the belts is part of the fun. the issue i was talking about is that if you put 3 of chroma/ultra in a row and have the exit belt in a line ----- with any thing at the end of that line ------* the machine furthest away wont be working anywhere near the capacity it could be. there are two solutions for this problem solution one is do not put anything at the ends of the line ----- instead create the belt/machine in the middle somewhere —*-- this will split the timing up to let everything work better. solution two is to stagger the machine belt exits . : ! the extra space/2 spaces allow the belts to adjust the timing. space/layouts as always is the o.c.d. fun.