Finnish translation of Democracy 2

I am currently working on translation of this awesome game, but, as the problem was in french translation, some letters, such as ä or ö, can’t be seen. This results in ridiculous words (köyhä (poor) = kyh (makes as much sense as pr)). I am aware that there is no support yet for translations and I will wait until you can help (or release a patch with upgraded fonts).

And now completely off-topic question; How much are the costs of democracy 2 for educational purposes (I am asking this for my teatcher). If you can answer this, send me a PM or e-mail and i’ll provide you the e-mail of hers for further details.

Hi, PMs aren’t enabled here, but if you email me at cliff @, or get your teacher to email me, I can supply information on using the game in schools,

Just in case, even this proves that I’m fool, do I add space to both sides of @, or do I use _ instead, or do I just write cliff @
If my memory does not lie or I am an amateur, there is no use of space in e-mail adresses. Well, live and learn.

Yes, you need to remove the spaces. They are there to stop the E-mail address being harvested by spambots.

Okay. Thanks for the information.