fire fly rockets

I don’t know if this is a bug, already been picked up on, or so forth, but…
In the Multari Gas Giant level, the Empire appears to be using fire fly rockets, an order only weapon module. I an not run any mods.

If you know what is happening here please enlighten me.

p.s. if this is in the wrong thread or is “illegal” in some way please notify.

p.s.s. what are the changes in the 1.38 patch? I can’t find a list.

That’s impossible, when that level was made the order was not released for months, and there are no firefly rocket files anywhere without the order, the empire is probably using fast missiles, which are similar to firefly rockets. The 1.38 patch fixed a bug and added minor graphic things, which are barely noticable with the current races but is needed in preparation for the next expansion race.

EDIT:This is what he posted on his twitter:
“Version 1.38 is now live, but its minor graphical support for future stuff, so you won’t notice any difference yet.”

Hmm… if I am correct fire fly missiles leave a smoke trail…this missiles appear to do the same, however thru to further testing, fire fly’s are blue but the one fired by the Empire are red. Have fast missiles been up-dated to produce this smoke trail now?
I can’t test it right now because I have to go to bed.
b.t.w. i thank you for attempting to help Green Glue.

Um…I’m pretty sure they’re just regular rockets. Not fireflys.

yeah, regular rockets are fast and have smoke trails. the firefly rockets are just like regular rockets, except firefly rockets have a faster rate of fire, from what i can tell. and this is without looking at the stats.

Yeah I just did some tests and it turns out I’m an idiot… There fast missiles… Plus I should have just look at the post game and looked out for the fire flies…

Thank you all for your help.