Firearm Laws Bug

Firearm Laws is bugged out. It is somehow the level you set it to and no limit at the same time as seen in image. It stays this way over multiple turns and changing the law doesn’t fix the bug.


Also National Sports Stars Gagged event seems bugged at -72% for patriots and you can see the Firearm Laws bug near the top of the image

I have the same issue.

This bug is still affecting me as well in 1.11

Yup, I have also experienced this bug. As for the national sports stars gagged thing, is it possible that it has accumulated the effect of multiple instances of the same event? I’m not sure if it has been fixed or not as of the latest update since I haven’t played a full game yet, but in previous versions, I would get that event at least like 2-4 times every term, which seems a bit excessive.

@cliffski have you seen this

Ive just seen this! I will look into it. I did see that slider bug once, but not in debug mode, and had it on my list to fix, but then could not reproduce it. I will give it another try.

The sports team thing was way too harsh, just fixed that AND the slider thing.