Firefighters and Property Damage

Firefighting and other disaster response services are provided by many governments to mitigate damage to people and property. “Health” is a fine way to represent damage to people, but it may be worth including a representation of how property can be damaged, and how that damage affects other aspects of a country. Property Damage might be caused by natural disasters like wildfires and storms, crimes like arson or terrorism, civil unrest and riots, or simply negligence from lack of funding for basic maintenance.

To combat this, may want to also include “Firefighters” or “Disaster Response Teams” as a Law and Order policy with a few effects:

  • Reduces Property Damage
  • Improves Health and Environment slightly
  • Reduces Unemployment
  • Increases State Employee membership and happiness

Property Damage could also have a few effects:

  • Reduces property values of affected individuals for property tax and disposable income assessments (Statistic might represent “average” property damage, but usually affects individuals a lot or very little. Could use something like a power law distribution to show income losses due to property damage when constructing a focus group.)
  • Reduces the happiness of Everyone, similar to how crime and violent crime do
  • Reduces GDP
  • Increases cost of State Housing
  • Reduces Industrial Automation
  • Reduces Generational Wealth Gap slightly

Besides Firefighters, other ways to lower or avoid Property Damage might include:

  • Low Crime
  • High Environment
  • High investment in State Housing
  • Climate Adaptation Fund
  • Egalitarian Society
  • Dealing with situations such as Luddite Riots or Cyber Warfare
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Hey Cliff! What do you think about these policies and relations?

I don’t know if property damage would reduce the wealth gap. Wouldn’t it lead to those who don’t have property loose their rental home too? It’d probably be worse for them too. I imagine that the only way that it could be better for them, is if the disaster is so bad, that everyone gets equal by becoming somewhat equally poor.