Hi, just a quick shot of a mod I put together in an hour.
Yes, it’s the Serenity (a heap of them) from Firefly.

If anyone has a bunch of other models from the show, let me know and I’ll put them in as well.

Very nice… although I always thought the Serenity would be on scale with a frigate for size…


Yes, but I didn’t want to lose any detail on the first attempt :slight_smile:

I’ll probably reduce it size, but like I said, it was my first attempt at a mod in GSB and I only had an hour spare before heading off to work. I now have making hull damage down to a fine art.

If anyone can point me a collection of 3d ship models, I’ll start converting them too.
Any will do for the Firefly universe.
I’d really like to do Robotech/Macross, or Starblazers, so if anyone knows of a model collection, please let me know!

I think my next job will be to do BSG as GSB :slight_smile:
I’ve just done the Pegasus images over lunch and tonight I’ll make up the hardpoint file.

Starblazers would rock.

if you are going to continue to improve those fireflies are you gonna add some glow to the back end ? if i say please ?

please ?

Like this?

Has been completed

ummm…yes, exactly like that.
OK, I’ll scratch Macross off my list since it looks like you’ve nailed it. When your ready to share it, I’ll be happy to test it out!

I’ll keep playing with this…

that death star will not be fully opperational untill we get converging lasers

still … please make fireflies frigate size and whit glowwy back ends ?
it would make me very happy :smiley:

yeah, I’ll modify the firefly, but I’m not sure how to do the glowwy back end. Any ideas appreciated

Has anyone written an installer to apply patches and new races?

It is difficult to find a suitable material. So I do not have much to do

If you like, you can go here to download
Macross is not yet complete…

the yellow from federation engines to replace the black ? perhaps put engine glow below the hull to give it a glowy effect ? I dont know ^^

I should be able to release the firefly mod this weekend.
So far the Brown Coats race have 3 cruisers, 3 frigates (firefly and Bee class) and two fighters hulls (The hospital ship and a modified serenity shuttle) to choose between.
Just tweaking the fighters (damn things are built differently to the capital ships) and writing an install script.

The mod will be released under a protestware license.


Hi all,
I’ve hit a few bugs that will delay the launch of the mod.
I need to recreate several of the ships as they are producing ‘white borg cubes’ when damaged or hit.

The good news is that there will be an entire ‘Brown Coats’ race with 10 ships from the series, including the hospital lighters, shuttles, 3 frigates (including Serenity mid bulk frigates), and 2 cruisers.

I won’t have time to introduce new weapons as planned (balancing game play takes a long time), as I want to get this out before Christmas.

its okay man we didnt get you anything for the holidays either.

owww…and I was really looking forward to presents…

The Brown Coats mod is finished.
Includes a new race, 10 new ships (2 fighters, 5 frigates, 3 cruisers), a new scenario, new huge background backdrop, and music.

But…I transfered it to the new 1.25 seperate directory structure and it crashes (I think on the music loading -it looks in the original data->sounds-> music directory, not the new structure [race]->data->sounds->music ). As soon as there is a solution, I’ll release it. Clifski. Any help or info?

While I’m waiting on a solution, I’ll get to work on my next mod: Space 1999 -Eagle, Hawk, Glider, Shuttle, War Ship, Queller probe, MetaProbe, Swift, Super Swift and moonbase Alpha

UPDATE: yes, there is a bug with the music detection in the 1.25 structure. The work around is to have the full path or a convoluted path…eech!
Just patching a scenerios and doing final testing now.

so its olmost ready :smiley:

I look forward to taking your hulls and importing them to rebels, changing [ racename =] to rebels if necesary and then sacking whatever else you created.

you know, like I did to the legios mod exept i imported those to alliance ( exept the victimas hull, sacked that one too ) cause I couldnt stand those freaky new modules that were exact copies of existing modules

no worries though the legios are the prime species contributor to the alliance of insectoid species, whit 5 frigate hulls your ships are sure to become mainstray defense and escort frigates to the rebel cause, maybe I should move hopefasts collonial defender/searcher/guardian to the federation to compensate for the influx of new frigates ( the searcher had become my main escort frig ), I should wait and see how your ships look first though, its always possible some fit better whit one of the other races.