Firing Rate Augmentation bug

Just a quick bug report - when placing the firing rate augmentation on units, quite often it will multiply the firing rate (at least on the design screen, not sure if it has an ingame effect). So for example putting in the augmentation for a 4000 firing rate Plasma Cannon it will jump to 20k

It seems to be something’s throwing off a decimal, since it scales with the mod (ie T1 will multiply by 10 instead of reducing by 1/10; T2 multiplies by 5 instead of reducing by 1/5); Adding another module of the same type halves the total firing rate (so 10k instead of 20k for the plasma cannon).

Occurrence is seemingly random because sometimes I’ll design a unit and stick the mod on no problems, other times… not so lucky. Doesn’t seem predisposed to any particular hull types or weapons. Guess I’ll design a unit with the bugged augment and test for an in game effect too.

Edit: AHA! It only happens when I stick in the aug before sticking in a reloader. Workaround found, guess I should have just carried on with designing before huh?