First GUI appearance changes. Thoughts?

I was wondering if you liked the new look task picker? Opinions much appreciated. Hit right click and view image to see full size uncompressed.

slate on black? nah, I value my eyes.

I like it. :smiley:

But then again I’m the kind of “black until they invent a darker color”-guy, so what do I know about “do’s and don’ts” in GUI design.

I did the original color scheme,. but a proper artist was hired, and went with black and reds as its reminiscent of power tools and industry. I did note that factorio also has a dark color scheme with white text. Big Pharma is whiter, but thats labs, not factories.

I like it too, so looks good.

You can always implent 3 or 4 colors scheme’s for the people who doesn’t like the dark go on this :).

I like it dark, easy on the eyes :slight_smile:
But multiple color schemes would be a nice idea to please everyone.