First impression help/suggestions

This game is really neat so far and has been fun to learn. I have a couple of things to bring up from the little time I’ve had to play so far.

First, I feel like there’s something I don’t understand about the resource conveyors. Are they one-way? Can they be connected to multiple inputs? I had several stations connected to import slot A, but they weren’t quite keeping up so I started up import slot B and connected it to the line. Nothing would come in. I then disconnected the two stations closest to B, while keeping A connected, and the stations on B wouldn’t import anything. Eventually after deleting and rebuilding the conveyors things started working. From a comment Cliff left earlier it sounds like this may be a nature of always importing from the closest resource slot and may be in the works?

A couple of times now I was building a conveyor or belt or something, and then when I hit right-click to clear the build instruction it would also delete something I was just nearby… often the conveyor/belt next to the piece I had just built. It would be nice if maybe escape cleared the cursor from the item being built? Also it would be really nice if when you right-click on a work station if it would give you a “are you sure?” option before deleting a $50k section.

Finally when waiting for research I’ll run on high speed, but then when research is announced it will remain on high speed and force you into the research screen. So while it’s not a big deal, there are a few mouse movements and clicks involved to get back out and slow the game down. It would be nice if the game would auto-pause or auto-slow upon research discovery.

All in all tho I am really happy with this game and enjoying myself a lot! Thanks so much Cliff for your time and effort making this I can’t wait to see how it turns out!

Right now the default is to always request resources from the nearest importer. If you totally cut that one off, it might be that it still has items in its ‘queue’ that cant go anywhere. The requesting slot knows this, so it will still sit there expecting them to show up. I’ll have to code a system to detect this and abandon those somehow.

Thanks Cliff. At one point I cut the supply line and the items en route were just left hanging on the conveyor. Otherwise, like you said, I could look at the importer and see the pending items in the queue and the destination would never request them from their newly connected importer.