First Impressions and Fixes

Hi, Just got this game about 10 hours ago. Saw it on a google Ad and it looked interesting. I am liking it so far, just a few issues i have noticed so far.

  1. I can’t find a delete option for saved ship designs.
  2. When i use a “.” (period) in the save design file name it gets cut off and does not display the characters after the"." I.E. If i name my ship “Anti Fighter Frig 2.3” the .3 on the end are not displayed on the load screen.
  3. Even at a 10% Fighter priority my cruisers will sometimes continually target fighters and basicaly sit still spinning while larger ships blow them up. I use 0% Fighter priority to fix it but that seems like it is somewhat broken.
  4. After a battle I would like to be able to click a button and “redeploy” exactly as i just had. This would be quite handy rather then having to save each time if you could just redeploy to make minor adjustments to your last deployment.
  5. A quick way to deploy several ships of the same design would be great, like holding shift or something of that nature. Even a copy and paste of selected ships would be useful especially if the copy also copied orders.
  6. I have found in many strategy games that being able to shoot your enemy while he can not shoot you is a great tactic. To impliment that kind of thing would require a stand off order. Something that would cause my ships to back away from other ships and try to keep that at the maximum range that i set. This would need to be a bit intuitive so it doesn’t just send my ships the the edge of the map and have them sit there while the enemy closes in.

Sorry if any of these are repeats and again i think you have a good game going here, looking forward to seeing how it turns out.


If you right-click on the design’s icon in the deployment screen, there’s an option to delete it. Would be nice if a delete function was added to the ship design screen, though.

There’s general agreement that target prioritization needs some help, particularly regarding fighters. In the meantime, you might want to opt for specialized anti-fighter ships, leaving the anti-fighter weapons off your main assault ships. Then just delete the Attack Fighter order from those ships altogether.

The above-mentioned right-click menu from the design icons in the deployment screen includes a “mass deploy” option, which will let you drop an instance of that design with each click. Very handy.

Also, if you haven’t noticed it yet, you can right-click on a deployed ship to save its orders as the default for that design - another major time-saver for the deployment stage.

[Ed: Supraluminal beat me to it. I’ll still include all the answers for completeness.]

  1. Common question. To delete saved designs, from the deployment screen, right-click the ship button and delete. It’s a strange place, I know.
  2. Good catch. That should be an easy fix.
  3. Another common problem. As far as I’ve gathered, it’s a problem of naive targetting. If there is a fighter in range, but no other higher-priority targets are in range, it will target the fighter. Until that fighter is dead, it will continue to target that fighter, which it will probably never be able to kill. This should probably be changed to either go for higher priority targets even if they aren’t in range, or switch to a higher priority target when it comes into range.
  4. Another common request. Seems reasonable to auto-save the deployment when starting the battle and reload it when coming back.
  5. Another common question. Right-click the ship button and, beneath Delete, is a button that says Mass Deploy. Use it like a rubber stamp to place multiple units. To cancel, click outside of the deployment area (Escape would make more sense, but this will quit without saving!)
  6. Another common request.

Looks to me like you’re feeling the same pains as everyone else. This looks like a great indication that these are all issues which need to be addressed, badly.