First Impressions Feedback


I’ve been along time fan of GSB. Been playing it for years and absolutely love the game. I was able to get my hands on the Beta tonight and got about 2 hours of playing around with it, and since it’s still in Beta I thought I’d leave some first impression feedback.

In no particular order.

  • I love the ability to create the visuals for my ship. I quickly find myself wanting more and more components (even if they have to be unlocked by honor). Though I had designed 2 ships before I realized I had to create the visuals. It might be a good idea to have some default visuals for each of the hull types (us beta folks could even submit them). I found that for quite a few of the components only the first color box worked, even if I could see other areas that I wanted to color.

  • I did find for visuals that I wished I could place the engine trails further back that it was letting me. Wouldn’t let me put any part of the effect outside the box which was difficult when my engine was right on the back of the ship.

  • So I designed 1 Dreadnought Carrier, 1 Attack Cruiser, 1 Escort Frigate, 1 Gunship, and 1 Escort Fighter Design. I like the added classes of ships! Also in general I like the new UI! I can quickly see myself wanting more parts all around! MORE MORE MORE!

  • Earned about 12k Honor in the first battle. Seems like quite a bit, especially since I wont the battle about 86%-10%, but perhaps it’s just because I’ve been playing GSB for so many years. Can’t crush people to new to the game. Or perhaps that’s tiny (didn’t do the math on how much it was to unlock everything)…

  • I wish when placing modules I could zoom in on the ship… some of the boxes overlap quite a bit. This is very very minor wish though.

  • Sliders: This goes for everywhere there is a slider (and something that I bugged me about GSB1 also. I hate wasting time fiddling with sliders when I know exactly what I want my number to be. Sure I do often want a slider, but just as often I just know what I want my number to be, I want a angle of 45, or a range of 450. I don’t want to fight with the slider to get it exactly how I want.

  • This section is the one I feel the strongest about… This one is equal to all the others put together. I just played the tutorial battle and the first battle… But immediately upon loading the first battle I quit and went to options to see if I could turn off all those rocks. Those space rocks are really annoying and block the view of the battle. I was sad there was no option to turn them off (so I went back and did the battle anyway). In general the battlefield is to “busy”. It’s a pet peeve of mine with space games feel the need to add lots of terrain. Space is a case where less is better. I’m not saying the battle should be an empty field of black, but 1 or 2 terrain pieces max. You want the showcase of the battle to be the ships and the flashy effects. I want to be impressed by the ships I just designed. I want to watch the fighting! (and at the moment that is difficult).

  • I would like the ability during the battles to zoom out and in further. I would also like it if when I clicked on a ship it told me the Ship class (what I saved it as) in addition to the name.

  • Can I edit what the ship names could be?

  • During ship deployment I’d like to be able to cut/paste ships with ctrl-c, ctrl-x, ctrl-v. I instinctively tried to do it several times.

Overall though I love the direction things are headed, and I’m glad to support the game! That’s all for now until I get time to play around some more.

Hey thats very helpful feedback, many thanks. Yup name editing should still be there as I recall. I hadn’t considered making asteroids an option TBH, but it’s actually easily done. I’ll add it to my list. It will help with performance for really low-spec PCs too.

17) Asteroids can now be turned off under options.

Hey just though I’d come in and leave my feedback now that I’ve completed all 10 or so maps. And I’ve built ships for 3 of the 4 races.

  • Honor rewards are definitely to high. I’ve unlocked everything doing just the battles on normal after the 9th maps. And I wasn’t even trying hard. For a few of the battles I’m getting huge honor rewards, 20k for Zoophon for 30k for Elysium Prime, and 50k for Malvastaxx Alpha. I’m not saying we want Battlefield style unlocking of things, just that in my opinion completing all of the levels on the easiest difficulty should only award about two-thirds the unlocks (gaining another 25% for medium, and 15% for hard). Maybe this is just for now though until all of those higher difficulties get in.

  • I think Dreadnaughts are overpowered in some ways (but I think that’s covered elsewhere here on the forums). Cruisers and Frigates seem close to right. Destroyers seem quite underpowered all across the board.

  • I like how Carriers and fighters work now. Carriers have to launch all their fighters and for big carriers this can take a while. It would be nice to see a module that had fast launch tubes (like in BSG).

  • How do I update the lastest version? I so want to turn off those asteroids. If I could make the backgrounds less busy I would also.

  • A few things stuck with from my initial comments that kept nagging at me: I want to be able to zoom out further during battle… I always feel like I don’t really get to see my ships in action, I want to be able to cut/paste for deploy, and I want to zoom in on the ship during module placement. Those things were the took away the most from my funtime.

  • I really like how you can click on a stat in the weapons table and bring up a list of comparison. I do wish though it would grey out (or there was some sort of checkbox) the modules you can’t use on your currently selected hull.

Well I guess that’s all for now.