First Impressions | Interface/Viz/Competition Improvements


First off, good job on the game. Really enjoying it so far.
A few hours in and these are my first impressions.

  • Showroom summary. It’s not very useful seeing a showroom full of cars. I think an alternative with aggregates, e.g., this many of model X are sitting in the showroom. On average, this many people rate this car as being over-priced etc., so that I don’t have to highlight a car that’s been sitting for a while and I may be lucky enough to see these metrics.

  • Other than that, some metrics to see how well the competition is doing as well (e.g., even something as simple as how theme hospital did it showing how much money you have, cars you sold, market share, etc., compared to Competitors 1-4.) may be quite nice.

I also had a huge problem figuring out how to add air conditioning to a car. The tutorial didn’t cover this in enough detail. Luckily, after searching a bit, I found the developer vlog explaining it.
It would be nice if the tutorial actually had a bit more hand-holding.

All in all, great game :slight_smile:

Edit: Removed first suggestion since it’s already in game! Just didn’t manage to see it crop up >.<

yeah stuff like aircon and polished paintwork (that both require new slots) really do need a tutorial popup. I shall add this to my todo list