First Impressions

Hello! Purchasing the game was smooth sailing. No problems at all. Fast.

Only played for a very short time so far.

I skimmed through the tutorial and started a game as USA. I was disappointed that it seems you can’t create your own country name/flag/etc? Just pick from that list of a few?

The first screen started me as the Republican party and said my opponents were Democrat party. Small thing, but the name of that party should be the ‘Democratic’ party, not the Democrat party.

So I mess around, I implement some policies, I get a surplus, but I couldn’t figure out how to pay some of it on the principal of my national Debt. I sealed the borders and gave more to hospitals, but that plague or whatever you start with seems to be getting worse hehe. I replaced some ministers with Yes-men I could be sure were my creatures. Most groups like me now except the Libs and Environmentalists.

I like the game so far, though some of the ‘Encyclopedia’ entires seem to include a bit too much editorializing IMO.

I played a few more rounds, then got a crash to desktop. On a newish PC with 64 bit vista. Not sure what happened. No worries, need to get to bed anyway!

Just wanted to say I am enjoying the game so far!


yeah, its a good game, definately worth the price

Regarding choosing a country name, you can call the countries whatever you like. Pick one from the list, and then if you click on the name of it in the game setup screen you can edit it and call it whatever you like. You can also use the sliders at the bottom to customise the country.

If you want greater customisation, you can design your own nations. You will find the files for all the nations that come with the games in C:\Program Files\Democracy2\data\missions (you might need to adjust this depending on where you installed the game). They are simply text files. If you create a copy of one of them, you can then open it up and edit all the details you wish to create your own nation. It should be reasonably self-explanatory, but there are guidelines at

As for creating flags, if you have Adobe Photoshop (Elements will do) then you can get the relevant files and instructions for creating flags from viewtopic.php?f=15&t=1446. Otherwise, if you ask in the modding forum, someone will probably create one for you.

Hope this helps.