First Impressions

I’m a veteran GSB Player. First impressions are favorable. I think it’s awesome that the old “Fighter Spam” has been addressed. Design is a lot of fun, however there should be some templates for the “Visuals” for those of use that are artistically challenged. Keep the option for those that like it but PLEASE don’t make those of us that are not skilled make RUS’s (Really Ugly Ships).

The Galactic Conquest game was really super cool in GSB1 since it gave us a goal. Who doesn’t want to conquer the galaxy? It would be great to see that again for GSB2.

I’ve already burned through all the battles with all races and manner of fleet compositions. Will there be more battles? If not, I’m afraid that the game is destined to be shelved if there are no plans to expand the scope. I speak for myself and not the general public. I know there was mention of players being able to mod new battles but I am uncertain how that will work…It would be cool to merge the galactic game with each player getting a Homeworld and the battles would actually be against other players’ forces, Kind of like a big online game. If I understand the current way that battles will be added, the only thing at risk is bragging rights. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Graphics and Performance - Aside from the obvious bugs covered in the support forum, the gameplay is very much like GSB1 only more refined. There are balance issues, but Cliffski has always come through and fixed those in GSB1. I expect that it will be no different for GSB2. Animation is smooth (3.4 Ghz with AMD R7 200). The only instability are the bugs when loading a battle and the occasional lock up requiring a restart.

Fun - The fun is in designing, as in GSB1, and watching your fleet defeat the enemy, though I agree that the DNs are overpowered. I pretty much ignore cruisers and Frigates. I find GSB2 to be very easy to beat out of the gate, but It’s Beta right?