First impressions

I played the game for a bit and overall I think it’s pretty cool. Actually following a car and seeing all the bits and bobs being added was very cool. I do have some remarks and bugs, I’ll probably add more as I run into them.


  • Coming back after alt-tabbing out causes a black screen. (It seems others have mentioned this already.)
  • Using the mouse to scroll up or left doesn’t work if you hold it at the absolute top or left of the screen respectively. Move it down or right a pixel and it works.
  • I’ve had a few crashes, but was never really sure what caused them. (Not very helpful, I know.)


  • I couldn’t figure out how to delete resource conveyors. The FAQ here said shift + right-click, but that’s definitely something to clear up within the game at some point.
  • The paint slots have this huge structure that surrounds the car, which means we can’t see the best part. I’d like to see a more open painting system so we can see what’s happening.
  • Conveyor placement is very finicky and unintuitive. It’s not super clear how to connect conveyors that are already next to eachother but not connected. I also seem to keep deleting slots and overwriting them with conveyors, when I just wanted to connect the slot up.

Thanks. I think I have got too used to the quirks of conveyor placement. it definitely has some issues. The code for stuff like this is more complex than you would think, the number of possible scenarios is a nightmare, but I am going to spend some time on fixing the most obvious quirks soon, and a revamp of some of the graphics should make their direction more obvious and reduce confusion.