First launch: menu screen mostly not visible

Just got GSB off the Apple AppStore on my MacBook Pro (1440x900 screen res). Can’t work the main menu when launching the game because it’s mainly not visible, see the attached screenshot. Tried reinstalling the game to no avail. Tried finding a prefs file, skimmed your forum and found a hint that there ought to be a folder at in the home/lib/prefs folder which is not there though.

Any hint you might throw me on how to fix this without having a GSB prefs folder? Cheers!

So it works in other user accounts. Just deleted the game, found an app that cleared out all the caches in os x, restarted, reinstalled: same issue.

That’s really weird; sorry about that. We’ve never encountered anything like it so we’re not sure what the problem might be. In fact, the game was developed on the same kind of Mac, so that’s even weirder.

Anyway, not sure of an immediate solution. The game’s files for the App Store version are in (Home)/Library/Application Support/com.redmarble.GSB/. In there you will find a file called prefs.ini, which you can open in a text editor and fiddle with. It might be that if you lowered the resolution somewhat and maybe tried it in windowed mode to begin with, it might behave better and you could get started playing; and maybe if the game then looks OK you could try setting it back to full screen/full resolution from the Options screen in the game and maybe it would then play more nicely. Let us know how it goes at support(at)redmarblegames(dot)com.

Cheers mate, thanks for the pointer!
I simply deleted the com.redmarble.GSB folder in (Home)/Library/Application Support/ (for anyone who might be experiencing similar issues). Worked like a charm.
Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. Thing is, I was expecting that folder in the prefs folder. And I did quickly skim through the app support folder but wasn’t expecting the folder to be formatted like com.redmarble.GSB. Anyhow! Cheers!

RIght, it’s in the Preferences folder in most versions, but not in the Mac App Store version. Apple requires apps on the App Store to write only to a folder inside Application Support.