First mod attempt...Battlefleet Gothic (mod)

Had a few goes at making races etc. and I seem to have got that working ( though I had no ships!!! )
So the next task is to have a go at making ships.
3D modelling is my thing, so making meshes for rendering is no bother, and I got plenty of reference. Going to work with placeholder models for now while I get the rest sorted

so it’s time to jump in with both feet :slight_smile:

I am very much looking forward to this, and it was on my list of possible future mods. The lack of fire arcs sucks, but in certain cases (Necrons) it’s not a problem. Keep us updated :slight_smile:

I think with some things like that, you just have to live with the fact that the guns will fire where they strictly shouldn’t …but I think with sensible numbers of gun slots this won;t appear too wrong. I don;t plan on making a massively over-powered mod…there are enough of those already…but I do want some real bruisers. They will just be very expensive to field.

Learning as I go…but I don;t see why I can;t make this work. I know I have the basic skills…just need the specific knowledge and there is lots of that here :slight_smile:

One thing you may want to do (e.g. with the Imperial ships) is to make the batteries on each side slaves to each other. Make one of them a real slot and then one of them an additional hardpoint for that slot. That way it forces the guns on each side to match. It might also help get around the issue of too many guns that can fire wherever they want (the strength is only equivalent to one gun, the additional points are graphical shininess only).

Nice idea there. :smiley: If using this design aesthetic in large quantities, just be sure to keep these limits in mind. The bullet-type weapons are the ones to beware of here.

It should be ok. The standard models have three barrels on each side (six total) for port and starboard gun or lance batteries, meaning you’d have to put in a real turret and five fakes. You have three batteries (potentially of mixed types depending on class) on cruisers and two batteries on light cruisers. The gun batteries should be fairly easy graphics-wise as well as you can write them off as basically not visible from the top. Dorsal/spinal guns and lances work perfectly for GSB and can be fake ones slaved to real ones as well. Prow guns and lances are effectively the same as dorsal in general just with less fakes. Prow torpedoes and specialist weapons are only supposed to fire forward, so they’ll be an issue.

I’d see the split being:

GSB cruisers = battleships, grand cruisers, cruisers, light cruisers.
GSB frigates = frigates, destroyers.
GSB fighters = fighters, bombers, interceptors, assault boats.

</random brain dump>

No, not that random – the split you suggest is sensible to me. :wink:

LOL…makes perfect sense to me :slight_smile:

You also have the advantage of the same weapons being used across classes. So, for example, a Grand Cruiser doesn’t need any crazy boost tricks to allow it to have different weapons to a Cruiser despite GSB not allowing additional ship classes. It just has more :slight_smile:

I was thinking about doing this one myself using the sprites I have from the Vassal Module,
If you need help I would like to work on this,

Just be careful GamesWorkshop doesnt shut it down,

Games Workshop’s treatment of the Exterminatus movie was, admittedly, sucky in the extreme. They don’t generally issue cease-and-desist against non-commercial mods though (to my knowledge).

Ive had a few friends receive letters while working on fan mods,

My main real concern here, and what kept me from going ahead with this mod myself,
Is that while I love warhammer gameswork shop are the Nazi’s of the table top industry.

I dont want to see GSB get taken down because of people distributing a mod on the Forums Or Through the server,
Cause Gamesworkshop will have a problem with Cliff Distributing Their Image.

Like I said I think its a great Idea and would love to help.

Just got some concerns is all Not alot of great indie games out there, So im protective lol.


Don’t worry about the ‘GW’ angle. I have plenty of mod experience elsewhere, and also know about the potential issues. they generally leave you alone as long as you remain small, non profit, and don;t impinge on areas they themselves are already exploiting financially.

If they had a Battlefleet Gothic game coming out, then they would squash any competition that would potentially spoil their profit chances or breach the terms of hte licence they had issued to a game developer.

Anyways…this is still very early days, and I am just starting out with modding this particular game.

I do not want to use modules or content form anywhere else…I want to do that myself. It makes life a lot simpler if you know the origins of all the content. Original models, original textures and so on.

I have had mod work of mine ‘appear’ without credits or permissions in other peoples work, and it REALLY made me angry…so I take pains to ensure I do not do that intentionally or accidentally.

I getcha on the only using original work.
Plus Im a sculpter at heart so modeling is most of the fun of modding for me.


If you’ll allow me to keep throwing my thoughts out, I have some more :stuck_out_tongue: These are possible loadouts for Imperial ships based on the ships in the core rulebook (i.e. Gothic sector ships of current design, not including ships from other sectors such as Armageddon, and not including old or traitor designs). Note that all ships need slots for point defense weapons and shields.



  • Three port batteries (weapons batteries, lances, launch bays)
  • Three starboard batteries (weapons batteries, lances, launch bays)
  • One dorsal battery (weapons batteries, lances)
  • One prow battery (weapons batteries, torpedoes)

I should note that the battleships are the only ones that carry dorsal weapon batteries to my knowledge, and then only in one case. Lances are cooler :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve also never seen a battleship with a prow-mounted Nova Cannon.


  • Emperor class: 1x weapons battery (port + starboard), 2x launch bays (p + s), 1x dorsal weapons battery, 1x prow weapons battery.
  • Retribution class: 3x weapons batteries (p + s), 1x dorsal lance battery, 1x prow torpedoes.


  • Two port batteries (weapons batteries, lances, launch bays)
  • Two starboard batteries (weapons batteries, lances, launch bays)
  • One dorsal battery (lances) [optional]
  • One prow battery (Nova Cannon, torpedoes)


  • Mars class: 1x weapons battery (p + s), 1x launch bays (p + s), 1x dorsal lance battery, 1x prow Nova Cannon.
  • Gothic class: 2x lances (p + s), prow torpedoes.

Light cruiser
(Only one example unfortunately).

  • One port battery (weapons batteries)
  • One starboard battery (weapons batteries)
  • One prow battery (lances)


  • Dauntless class: 1x weapons battery (p + s), 1x prow lances.



  • Two batteries (weapons batteries, lances, torpedoes) [sometimes prow, sometimes dorsal]


  • Firestorm class: 1x dorsal weapons battery, 1x prow lances.

(These would have a hull strength reduction, speed boost, and weapon strength reduction)
(Only one example unfortunately)

  • Two batteries (weapons batteries, torpedoes) [sometimes prow, sometimes dorsal]
  • Cobra class: 1x dorsal weapons battery, 1x prow torpedoes.

I have noted that there are several varieties of port/starboard weapons batteries. There is one used by almost all battlecruisers, one used by the battleships, one used by the light cruisers, and a few that are specific to particular battlecruiser classes. Ignoring the special one-offs, the other differences can probably be modelled using hull boosts rather than trying to make multiple types of battery and implementing some hideous scheme to restrict them (light cruisers take a strength hit, battleships get a strength and range boost).

Frigates also have lower strength editions of the weapons, but they can have different modules anyway.

Hope this is useful in some way.

Started work on the meshes today. Managed to pull together loads of decent pictures and reference material, and work has begun. GBeen slow going so far, but happy with what I have done.

Also got the Imperium in as a race and functional…which was a nice start to the mod. I love it when stuff I do actually works :slight_smile: