First module pack, 4 weapons, 4 modules

UPDATE: Found a typo that was causing a crash, fixed. The file has been updated and uploaded here.

Second (corrected version) of my mod.

Intruducing Pondafarr Industries ship enhancement pack.

Version 0.2 (Last update 20110116)
Author: Pondafarr

Changes in this version:

Converted to standardized expansion format
Optimized damage and salvo rates
Standardized naming conventions

File Contents:


Other Modules:

Pack Notes:
This mod works on 1.47 versions or higher. Tribe sound file added to module, you do not need tribe for this module to function.

The mod is composed of four projectile weapons and four target boosters.

Standard install; unrar all the contents to the GSB directory overwriting files and play!

Things to be aware:
None, all dependancies removed.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me now if I’ve messed something up!
Pondafarr_Industries.rar (38.8 KB)

As usual, I’m going to request that you package these up as a mod to avoid overwriting the core game files. It’s a practise that everyone should get used to until the idea of overwriting makes you feel sick :wink:

Ok, i thnk i understand how to accomplish that, thanks!

Ok, so next question, is it legal to package the required sound file from tribe within my own mod? rename and relocate to within my package, or is that a problem because thats specificly a bit of code someone would not have unless they upgraded to tribe?

That I’m not sure about, I guess it would be a question for Cliff. Someone may have to correct me here, but I think most of us will have Tribe anyway.

Btw, I wasn’t suggesting you should remove the link to your mod, I’m sure people will want to try it out. They’ll just need to remember to take a backup of the overwitten files first.

Your suggestion was perfectly valid, I’ve already changed up my files to be more mod-like, and placed the required sound file within the mod.

Now I just need to change the salvo settings to get rid of a the “Not enough shells:…\src\SIM_KineticWeapon.cpp 403” error. Have to slow things down a bit I believe.

I’ll repost the file a little later after I’ve played with it a bit!

Corrected version now posted, enjoy!

I really like this mod combined with the Scavengers mod. seems to fit pretty well…