first page of notes/comments

hope this all makes sense/isn’t too much of a duplicate… just the first few minutes notes/thoughts :slight_smile:

Options screen - make them checkmarks. not obvious which of light/dark is ‘selected’

‘Deploy the fleet’ button - sounds like “start the battle now!” rather than setup

Deploy screen:
the timed(?) popups pop up over the intro-to-the-screen popups, and lock them out… as well as offering hints about stuff you haven’t got to yet
double-clicking the ship-picker buttons ‘intuatively’ seems like it should change the picture bottom-left … but that’s actually the ship selected on the field. confusing
how to link ships together?
… ah - ‘escort/coop’. this option is missing from any ship (in mission 1) that isn’t pre-set to do so.
escort -> select target… it’d be far nicer if you could alt-drag an escort line? (or some other non click-all-over-the-screen option)
3 pre-set frigates. left 2 have ‘escort/coop’ buttons. right one of the trio doesn’t
no new ships have escort/coop… maybe i’m just missing something
hover-over info for modules?
alt-clicking does strange stuff - windows interference?

please can we have a mouse-drive non-mousewheel zoom? like homeworld? (L+R mouse-drag to zoom)
hover-over shipnames are intrusive - colour clashing with everything else?
there’s no ‘return to deployment’ buttton in stats screen
return to deployment wipes what you just did. it’d be nicer if it defaulted to loading what you just did.
scroll screen by moving the mouse off edges?

deployment screen:
save/load deployment isn’t very obvious (to me) up in the top-left… i’d intuitively expect it bottom-right
reset-to-default button?
save deployment - could it default to something templated on the misson-name?

i am missing something - ‘add order’ i was taking as a section title rather than a button ;/

horrible klunky interface though. to set something to escort should be easy, but it takes add-order -> escort -> add order -> set target -> click ship -> [on the other side of the screen… window moved] accept/confirm

button in deploy screen which lists all the keyboard shortcuts for that screen?

scrolling using cursors - if you try and scroll past the field-edges, your ‘position’ keeps moving, though view doesn’t. so if you scroll off-left 5 seconds, it takes 5 seconds of right-scroll before your view moves again

scrolling seems to trigger the “ship moving fast” motion blur… which is eye-hurty when everything on screen is motion-blurred ;/

‘main menu’ doesn’t - most times it just goes ‘back’.

challenge-deploy screen. ‘challenge’ button seems like it means ‘fight’ from positioning. maybe remove this button if you’re responding to a challenge?

I second the motion blur annoyance. How is that feature supposed to work? Right now it just seems that if I move the camera I get a migraine :slight_smile:

same with motion blur. I switched it off after 15 seconds play.

Some shortcut keys you will appreciate:

shift+F is add formation order
shift+E adds escort order

Lots of good ideas and feedback, cheers.

frigate design… “Frigate missile launcher” - after save it’s an anti-fighter missile launcher… that would explain a few things about that battle ;/

suggestion - have a sliding scale of the singleplayer missions … so the first one - the default loadout should be something like 70/30 win/lose, and 2nd one 50/50, 3rd 20/80 and after 4th/similar it’s a guaranteed loss without modification… or i may just be finding the learning curve of what works a bit steep? (haven’t yet even beaten the first fleet) :slight_smile:

ship design screen - box-selection… you can’t do it bottom-right to top-left…!

when editing the default ships, and saving as the same name - they don’t replace ships of that class in the deployment

when using a hot-key to escort/formate, it’d be nice if you didn’t have to ‘okay’ in the window way over on the far right. you’re hotkeying, so confirmation shouldn’t be necessary

really wierd effect with some ships - if a missile hits the shields, the ship (frigate) is thrown back about 130% of its length. is that a defense module that does that? … sorry - didn’t note which challenge had ships like that.