First RPG here: Sigma metaverse.

I will test this game idea out as an rpg here.

How this would work, coded:

Forces would bring resources to varying building to make them operate efficiently, or stockpile them in varying areas.
After which, you get direct command over them. Point and click to use them. Stockpiles outside can have only 100.

The lab is simple enough. You can select anything in the vincinity, adding it to the tech focus. You will not know the results until you have actually finished a project, and you cannot change the project once comitted.
Pick up to any 5 things, order matters, and wait for it to achieve its goal. Some things are just too complicated, however.

Your beginning:

Name the kind of planet and race. Thats it. In time, you will get racial picks.
You begin with 5 houses, a techlab, 25 laborers, a manufacting plant, and a techlab. All these buildings accomodate 5 people.
The houses have 200 pieces of food and 100 of clothing. In RL terms, you would be eating 1 food per person per 15 minutes.

uh what?

If your so confused, nemind then.

Is this a game suggestion or is it supposed to be some sort of forum game?

Both. Its a game idea AND a forum game. I am testing it as an rpg.