First Successful Factory

It took me five or six tries, but I got a small factory to the point where buying stuff won’t bankrupt me. So far I’ve only needed to use the main floor and the expansion to the south-west. Edit: This is an old factory. It may no longer be a viable build.

It is hard to see because of the importer’s overlay, but you can sort of make it out.

Much easier to understand what’s going on with this view of the main floor. That single line of Specialised Chassis Slots can produce one car chassis every eight seconds, which the eight basic Fit Body assemblers can keep up with. These assemblers work in pairs to feed a single array of Specialised Paint Slots each, which then feed off to a pair basic Fit Engine assemblers. These eight assemblers then all feed back into a single array of Specialised Accessories Slots, which is the choke for this system because of all the upgrades. Finally, two Quality Checkers proceed the Export conveyor to avoid becoming the choke-point. All in all, this part of the factory produces one car little over every eight seconds.

The next part of the factory is the expansion to the south-west. This facility produces the most upgraded car possible at the moment, and makes one almost every ten seconds. Figuring out the choke points for a single production line was much easier than trying to do a mega-factory all in one go, which was the point of this area.

At first I considered the Export conveyor to be the choke point, since it is the final limit on what your factory can produce.

But then I realised that these two facilities are the real choke point in this limited space. Splitting lines exponentially increases the amount of space you need, and you want to minimise line splitting and merging as much as possible. In this case, I decided to keep production to one line for every ten seconds of production, which fit very nicely in this space.

The only place that needed splitting was the painting area, where I split the Undercoat drying into two upgraded slots, and the Finish drying into three un-upgraded slots. This kept the production time down to ten seconds area that I wanted.

This is awesome, and makes me wonder if a special screenshot button which had the option to disable the GUI for a one-frame snapshot of the whole factory might be popular?

OP, beautiful factory!

@Cliffski – I would definitely be in favor of such a button!

I made a eficent fully upgraded line but it dosnt look that good

Thanks for the feedback guys.
@cliffski, that sounds like a great feature.

I’m restarting the map. I’m starting with a similar setup in the main building, and will expand into Young and Sons TurboFans in the southwest. (The names of these places crack me up.)

Later I’m going to rent out the spaces to the northwest and southeast respectively, then wipe out the main floor and see how big a factory I can make. I am guessing four, maybe five Export conveyors based on the layout.

Yes, that would be a neat feature. Because this is not really nice to look at:

From what I can see you have a really neat facility going on there, DaKLuit. I wish I could see the rest from under all the notifications.

Anyway, my second run at a factory is up and running.

Turns out that I didn’t need to rent out Lobster Nets International in the northwest for floor space, but I did have to rent out Lymans Law to the east for another Resource Importer. I’ll get to that in a moment.

Again, I rented out Young and Sons TurboFans and squeezed a production line into it. I don’t feel that it turned out as nice looking as before, but it works just fine. I filled the gaps in with power plants and left it running while I worked on the rest of the factory.

My goal was to produce one car every two second with the main floors, and so I started in Zeigler’s Electrical Warehouse which had four spots for Export conveyors. Perfect for the ratio at the time. I put all the Quality Checks at one end, and put a conveyor line going all the way around to the Exports. Then started working my way back, putting in an assembler slot and then experimenting with the various upgrades to get a production time under even numbered seconds. The fun part was the conveyors.

Right here is what I call The Engine and Wheelies Area. One of the major choke-points I’ve had to deal with has been the Fit Valves slot needing valve parts delivered more than I get pie. I had a terrible time with making valves in house, and even giving them their own dedicated Resource Importer didn’t solve the issue. So I went with adding a third slot instead of trying to solve the supply issue for two of them. That way one of these hungry beasts can still work while the other two are waiting for deliveries. The other slots around them were all in sets of three anyway.

The next major choke-point is Painting. The drying slots have the largest run time, but I think my nested L-Bend gets around the issue. Between the two large production floors, I had plenty of room to maneuver. The painting slots guzzle down paint like I do rum, but the Resource Importers can handle it. I wish I had an importer bringing in rum in my house. After this it was back on to the main floor, and I was stating wonder if I needed to rent out the lobster factory for more floor space.

You can see the forth spot Export conveyor that I intended to use lying empty, and that’s because there’s an upgrade in Alpha1.06 for it that reduces the time to send out cars down so that I only need three exporters to reach my goal.

Next is the Windows, Doors and Roofs section. I didn’t realize how much effort it would take to keep these running at full pelt until I had this thing run for a few minutes. While the Fit Doors and Fit Roofs slots are big and hard to arrange, the Fit Windows slots need tons of windows brought it in alarming rates. Once again I tried to sort it out with a dedicated importer, or in house manufacturing, but that created a raw glass shortage. I couldn’t move the things to expand them because of the tight space, so I left them with a dedicated importer coming out of Lymans Law and gave them all-the-robots in the hopes that less time spent actually working would offset the huge down time waiting for windows to come in.

Finally, I got the end of the main floor, made a U-turn and topped off the production line a little off to the side. I couldn’t get the chassis slots into the area with the power plants, which is why that part is shifted off to the side.

I’m not exactly sure close I’ve gotten to my bench mark of a car per two seconds, but considering that I’m making serious bank, and have over 2k of the good cars in stock, I think I am pretty close. Really, the Quality Checks should be the chokes since they have a run time of 10.80s instead of an even ten, but the down time from resources is what’s slowing things down.

So I have a question. For my next project, should I try and build to the export limit in this small factory, trying for 4 cars per three seconds? Or should I try out one of the other factories?

If you were to build in Steam support then everyone could just hit F12 to share.

This answer probably won’t help you, seeing as you asked a month ago but it might help others.

The answer is no, don’t bother. Not on the small map, at least. Every export slot requires at least 3 import slots to hit capacity and that’s without any on-site manufacture, which just puts more pressure on your importers. I think one of the larger maps comes close?

Focus on getting your operation running as efficiently and profitably as possible - that’s where the challenge lies. It’s surprisingly easy to build a production line that can cap your exporters - it just never runs at full capacity thanks to insufficient importers.

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