First thoughts from the alpha

I’ll start with some things that I think can be tweaked/added.

The first is changing the way immigration works. Currently immigration seems to work on a system of free movement to no movement, with being able to use various policies such as border controls and citizenship tests to either increase or decrease the level of immigration. However, this doesn’t allow for the immigration policy currently being implemented into the UK which is point based. We should have a tab like “immigration policy” similar to how the prison regime works. Where we can choose to allow more high skilled workers in while still restricting low skilled. If that sort of points based skill system is used it should then affect things like skill shortages appropriately.

The tab on the left hand side showing the popularity, membership and happiness of each voter group should stay in the tab sort that I set it to rather than resetting after going into the other tabs at the top or after a turn has passed.

The money amounts for everything seem to be very small. For example according to the government website here: real terms expenditure on “Health” was £150.4bn, whereas in Democracy 4 you start with spending at £40bn. Similarly “Defence” spending was at £40bn, whereas in D4 it is at £12.02bn. It’d be nice to see these brought up closer to what their actual amounts should be. Partly because I think it’d make it easier for British people to understand the significance of the numbers. But also because the debt and deficit start so high relative to how much policies cost. Had the numbers been higher and more like their actual amounts the £13bn starting debt might not have been as much of an issue.

Just a small suggesting but under expenditure I think we should be able to click on the “Other” bar to bring up a full list of the expenditure from every policy.

I feel like currency strength should affect foreign investment, reducing it slightly. If the exchange rate is strong, meaning they get fewer £ for their $ or whatever currency then foreign investment would need to be larger to have the effect of a weaker exchange rate, thus probably lowering foreign investment.

Lastly, I think it’s too easy to be branded as the uber-capitalist, and moving all the way onto the right side of the compass. I had a game where I had state pension, state housing, state healthcare, state schools, I even had the education voucher system. As well as all of the typical starting taxes. And yet I was being told that I was more capitalist than Margaret Thatcher.

Now I’ll bullet point a few bugs I’ve noticed:

  • In dark mode the button to close menu tabs doesn’t have a white line at the top
  • When in the expenditure or income tabs, hovering over each policy bar will highlight the left hand side of the bar underneath the icon, this is more noticeable in dark mode but also appears in light mode.
  • The financial data icon is slightly cropped too much on the top left of the icon, removing a bit of the $ sign edge.
  • In dark mode the characters on the main menu screen have a faint white outline around them.
  • The player guide doesn’t talk about how to increase your political capital cap.
  • In the political compass screen from the main menu your previous elections can still be displayed off the chart despite them being capped in the game, attaching an image to show.

Since nobody else has responded I just wanted to +1 this post especially the sorting popularity resetting every turn being incredibly annoying.