Fit Body upgrades in order in Components

I’ve been enjoying this game and am thrilled with it.
This suggestion is asking if you could store the Fit body upgrades in order as they are needed instead of a guessing game and wasting money.
For example I researched power steering thinking I should just place my steering column and power steering upgrades after fit body and it want’s exhaust first every-time. Unless I’m completely doing this thing wrong. Correct me if I’m wrong. Do I have to go to Powertrain to fit steering wheel?

Pictures for sample.

Essentially you need to place the slots in the order that they are in the list with no gaps in the order. There needs to be the next slot available for the car to be able to move on.

I’m not sure which slot you have at the top left, Fit Body Maybe?

Presuming that it’s fit body this then needs to be followed by Fit Paint and then either Fit Engine which covers everything in that section or followed by,
Fit Powertrain
Fit Radiator
Fit Exhaust
Fit Wheel Assembly
Fit Steering Assembly (or Fit Steering Cloumn followed by Fit Steering Wheel, again covering that section so you don’t need fit steering assembly)

Does that make sense?

Yeah that does make some sense :confused:
I’ll have to give that a go thanks. :slight_smile: