Fix for Make Roof


Hi All

quick fix for make roof

just use a text editor to the following file

in data\simulation\tasks\make_roof.ini

change from this

XOffset = -1
YOffset = 0
texture =

to this

XOffset = -1
YOffset = -1
texture =

sorry old save games may not work with this fix.


from the land down under


what was the issue from the start?


Hi Viscos

The issue was imported raw materials and manufacture items were side by side so you could not separate imports from manufactured when putting supply lines in.
So by moving the two apart this fixed the issue.

Now you can import raw materials on one line and manufacture them. Then supply them from your manufactured line

No cross over.

Hope this explains it.


from the land down under


Thank you for making a post about this fix I pointed out a week and a half ago, here: viewtopic.php?f=53&t=18246&p=84267#p84267

It makes sense for it to be in it’s own topic for now, I suppose. Although with the new rules to select to use only local products, it’s kind of obsolete.