Fix Space Expenditures?

Space Expenditure currently makes little sense?

NASA with about 22-23 Billion dollars per year was able to build the space station, launch and maintain Hubble, fund earth sciences, launch telescopes, fund the space shuttle program, create SLS, and other things with less funding than what is depicted in game. It’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter was relatively economical at about $700 million. Similarly India’s Mangalyaan Probe (MOM) costed $70 million, even though it was much simpler. Of course, labour costs/rights, modular design, mission profile, etc. do make a difference, so that cannot be discounted. But perhaps there needs to be pass done on Space Expenditure.

The Mars Program should cost more at higher levels. NASA estimated that it would cost $100 billion for a round trip to Mars, so a Mars Base would probably cost $2-300 billion+.

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This is just state funding though. If a mars mission was 50% state subsidy and 50% private investment (like spacex), then costs would be lower.


Does the game take this into account, do space costs fall when “PSI” triggers? As for normal space expenditures, should they be lower, and then fall more after “PSI” triggers?

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