[Fixed 1.02][Bug 1.01] Assembly stock piles

Is there any way to control what the assembly areas keep in their stockpiles?

For example in Fit Bodyframe it keeps on building the stock of roll cages up to 8 even though it only needs one at a time. This causes other resources to not to be able to come in even though I have a stockpile nearby with sufficient resources.

Or are you keeping that as an inefficiency to encourage research to fix it when the player splits it up later on?

this sounds like a bug, as they should do this intelligently…stocking up whats needed right now and then thinking ahead and filling available slots with what will be needed next. maybe under some circumstances it can get confused.
You can have complete control over intermediary ‘supply stockpiles’, if that helps for now…

Yeah, this is behaving a bit odd: my body fit assembly had a few things in stock, and the current phase was “fit windows”. It had to pull those windows one-by-one from the conveyor because there were 5 roll cages in the storage, and another one the way.

Similar story here, my Fit Engine area is stocking lots of extras of some pieces and causing engine valves to disappear as there are fewer free spots in the integrated stockpile than there are required engine valves.

I’m still getting this issue after updating to 1.01:

Hi, is that with a save game from before? or with a new game that started with 1.01? The fix will not evict currently placed resources. Although actually over time it should still fix it as they are used…

It’s a new game, created after installing 1.01! As I continue this save more and more of the stations keep having this problem.

My paint station is ordering multiples of things it already has and discarding easily 75% of incoming components.

Should I send you the save game?