[Fixed 1.02][Bug 1.01] R&D tree

Hi Cliff,

I’ve completed research on how to make Starter Engines and Valves (see below)


but, cannot build the Engine builder (still grayed out) and cannot find the valve builder.



also - not a cost issue (the bigger items are not grayed out, and have plenty of cash (~2m?))

+1, same issue here and not cost as I have over $10 million.

yup its a bug, fixed in tonights update…

Confirmed Fixed the greyed out Starter Engine builder, still cant find the valves one.

My guess is that the fix you did repaired the ones that weren’t displaying correctly, but valves might have another issue to prevent it showing at all?

We just ran into this one tonight (1.03). We researched valve manufacturing, but weren’t able to actually expand the valve section to make valves.

Looking at your update log for 1.06, this may have already been fixed (8) Fixed some mouse-click errors on the R&D screen.).

If I scroll down in the research log until something in the far right column is under the “X” to close the window, and then click the X, it’s bringing up the information for that research object instead of closing the research screen, even though that item is under the X.

Yup, thats the bug I fixed :smiley: