[Fixed 1.02][Bugs 1.01] Bugs and feedback


Been testing the game, so far so good, it’s pretty fun, here’s my feedback.

  1. Alt-tab doesn’t work in fullscreen ( Win10 + Nvidia GTX 1070 ), I get a black screen and then it becomes tricky to quit: can’t get the task manager to show up; need to alt-f4. Alt-tab works in non-fullscreen. Note that the “Fullscreen” GUI option is black or grayed, it is not immediately obvious what this means. Prefer some kind of standardized “check” icon.

  2. Related to 1): when the game crashes and pops up a dialog, it is also invisible, hidden behind the black screen. I can somehow see the error message when I switch task ( dupe component ).

  3. I got a save corruption ( basically the game crashed while saving; I then tried to reload the game, and it froze ).

  4. The very first mission ( “Small Factory”, 25x26 ) starts with $900k. I found the hard way that this does not have room for any mistake ( like bad placement, wrong orientation etc… ). Once you complete a “perfect” line with all the required elements to produce a car, you’re left with around $100k. Then by the time your first car sells, you’re already pretty low. I lost my first 3 games because I wasn’t familiar with the interface and made a couple of beginner mistakes, and that fucks up the game pretty quickly. My point is that I expected the very first mission to be the easiest and the first one a beginner should choose, when it’s not.

  5. Sometimes I do not understand why things work or don’t work. Let’s take this save as an example ( test3. rar ):

test3.rar (28.4 KB)

A. I created a resource importer and attached a conveyor on the bottom-left of my factory. It is linked to other conveyors and stockpiles. I’ve never seen a single resource come out from that importer and I have no idea why. I believe it’s correctly linked. If it is it’s a bug, if it’s not then it isn’t obvious why and that’s also an issue for the player.

B. Sometimes stockpiles never seem to stock anything. In this example I have 4 stockpiles pretty close to each other, 3 of them work but the fourth ( despite having added some items ) never seems to work. Haven’t ever seen a single resource getting stocked in that area, and again I have no idea why.

C. I also often notice that waiting lines at the entrance of some modules are unbalanced. In this example I have 2 fit Engine modules, one of them has 4 cars waiting on it, while the second one is waiting for a car to come in. When a car incoming from the paint modules arrives at the square-cross intersection it seems to prefer going to the first fit-Engine module and does not seem to check if the second fit-Engine module has a lower amount of cars waiting for it or not.

I did notice that when the 2nd fit-Engine module is empty, an incoming car from Paint will always go into it. The problem then is that when there’s no car, the lines are unalanced and a lot of time ( sometimes minutes ) are lost for no good reason.

Overall I think the game is pretty fun but I often feel like I’m fighting against the interface than the game itself, which is a problem. Good luck !

Tried 1.01, still getting a lot of crashes, mostly when I join conveyors together at intersections. I suspect that happens when loops are created.

I’ve made some changes ready for 1.02 which seem to allow all kinds of crazy loops that have been experimented with. Hopefully that will fix the issues you are experiencing.