[Fixed 1.02][Bugs 1.01] List of Bugs encountered in my Playthrough

Main Menu Bugs
Now, I don’t know if these can be called bugs. But they annoy me a lot.
The “Production Line” graphic leaves a line either side of it. This means that there is a noticable box either side of it. There is also some weird gradient on the far left of the logo.
And while we’re on the menu, the Options, Task Editor and Quit boxes all have white dots in them for some reason.
I made a picture to illustrate the issue, please ignore the fact that it looks like an imbecile drew it.

And this is in addition to my Update UI bug :stuck_out_tongue:

Game Bugs!
When the game is paused the “price balloons” hover and do not dissipate. When I first start the game, pause and set up, this leaves a noticeable clutter on the screen that can make it difficult to build.
Also, when your screen is full of those “price balloons” and you go bankrupt (While paused), when you start a new game they persist over for some reason.

When I deleted an in-use resource importer (Not physically in use, but it was the only importer available to several slots) the game crashed.

When you delete the connection to a slot and replace it, the slot refuses to acknowledge the new line and does not request items, causing the factory to back up and stop.

I mentioned a few of the same issues on my “First Couple Hours” thread, but:

This is something I forgot to mention. It’d be nice if the balloons weren’t game-time dependent.

About the floating “price balloons”. Are they used to be hover, and not dissipate before?
Now, if I pause the game, they are floating away from the world :slight_smile: It is still better than hiding important details under them, but looks funny :slight_smile:
(V 1.02)