[Fixed 1.03][Bug 1.02] Fit Accessories

I had a single fit accessories stations. I then researched it and got the 3 separate ones. I had plenty of room so I just took single conveyor slots out to place the new stations. After doing that I noticed that Fit Seats looked stuck. When I go to it it says waiting for line. I double checked the conveyor direction and it was correct. I then removed the entire conveyor from Fit Seats to Fit Electronics. It still didn’t fix it. I also tried removing it and putting it back in. I also tried to swap locations and put it earlier in the accessories order. I also tried just moving it further up the conveyor system, closer to Fit Electronics. Nothing helped.

I suspect this is fixed in 1.03, if not please let me know!

Shortly after I posted this I figured out what was wrong. I forgot Fit Windscreen.