[Fixed 1.04][Bug 1.03] feedback

Dear Cliff,

I just started the game and thought it would be handy to have a list of things that we as alpha players run into.
The game doesn’t seem to allow alt-tabbing. Doing so causes a black screen rather than the game when going back in. Is that intended?


definitely not. its a bug! I tend to play in a window so didn’t notice whenever this crept in, but I shall get it fixed. Its probably a fairly easy fix…

Not sure if a “But it works for me!” reply is helpful, but alt-tabbing doesn’t seem to be a problem for me. As it’s most likely a problem with the interaction between the video driver and the game, I can tell you that it works with an AMD Radeon R9 200 and the driver version 16.11.2 and 3840x2160 in fullscreen.

Edit: after digging a bit in the config files, I figured that the game runs in a borderless window mode despite me selecting “fullscreen” in the options. When I change the fullscreen value in the config, I also get the black screen problem

managed to fix it temporarely, if you turn fullscreen mode off then alt-tabbing works fine

Can confirm that this is an issue, but only when in fullscreen mode. Running it windowed allows me to ALT+TAB just fine.
I’m running on an AMD RX 480 with the latest drivers.

Alt tabbing works fine here on an RX480 in Windows 10. Once the game has launched and gone into the main menu I simply picked my desktop resolution and Fullscreen, which seems to have turned on Borderless Fullscreen - incidentally my favourite kind of fullscreen, because it allows for instant alt-tabbing without having to wait for the game to re-render objects.

Here are some observations from 30mins of playing.

  • Can’t build exactly on top of previously used tiles for a “building” which has been deleted.
  • Dragging conveyors so they rotate properly seems very hit and miss at times, especially corners.
  • Attempting to upgrade the power plant causes an immediate CTD.

Some suggestions here.

  • Allow player to rotate the assembly conveyor line direction?
    At first I thought I was being clever by rotating the assembly rooms around so that the stock tiles were all on the same side, but I quickly realized that the conveyor in the middle was static.

Shift+Right click

Ahh. Cheers. That saves me from saving constantly. :slight_smile:

I setup some stock piles next to body, and they filled with components.
I setup some stock piles next to engine, and they don’t seem to be filling with components. The fit engine itself keeps telling me insufficient resources, and is only getting enough supply to meet that demand. I did figure out the stock piles were not filling because I didn’t have the conveyer through the top corner.
It would also be nice to have an inventory screen for the stockpile like the actual fit engine station. Perhaps it could say there are X components, and Y are coming, Z are backordered. Something like that.
Also it would be nice to know how much total inventory can be stored in the stockpile, and how much is left as I add components.

Slight visual bug, when building ‘Fit brakes’ the preview is wrong (example attached)

Yup, it will show up on the finance tab as an expense right now. The plan is that generating your own power is noticeable cheaper.

There is a checkbox at the bottom of the car list for the first one. For rotating, you middle click. Actually I need a version of that for laptops…

I was referring to being able to have a “room” in a certain angle, and rotate the direction of the assembly line piece, to force it to go in another direction, but keep the orientation of the room itself.

Kind of like this - peecee.dk/uploads/012017/bug2.jpg

Here’s a funny loop bug caused by trying to optimize the Narrow factory map.


Basically the cars go for a second round in the Fit Engine room, which causes the game to CTD. :slight_smile:

Yeah that warning message can just be removed by me, dont worry!

re the rotating thing: I get what you mean but…

No :smiley:

Because allowing you to do that makes it all too easy to line up the stockpiles and takes out some of the challenge :smiley:

Fair enough - Had to ask if it was enforced challenge design like in Big Pharma or not :smiley:

I don’t recall if you’ve talked about conveyor traffic control in the dev videos, but it seems like some basic traffic lights could help keep the conveyors fluid. Like if you cross a belt of frames (which take no time to build) with a finished car line - instant blockage. Would be great if you could put down a conveyor piece that prioritizes one input over the other, maybe even force a direction.

Here’s a funny one: connect a station to a long resource conveyor line, wait until it request resources, and destroy the station’s resource conveyor access when the resources are mid-way through the factory. Result: the station will never received any resources nor request them anew if you hook it up to another resource conveyor that’s not connected to that one where the original parts are.
You can’t remove the original parts either: they will even float in mid-air when you remove the resource conveyor beams they’re hanging on. The only solution is to reconnect the station to that conveyor belt.

There is a bug when placing conveyors over an existing station. It just deletes the station without a refund.

I’ve made an example video: youtu.be/DWplGgzVrSM

As far as I can tell it only happens if the station is already connected from both sides.

And another one: When you expand your factory, any stations in the new space can only get resources from an importer within that new space.

If you connect the resource conveyors to an importer in the “old” building, all connected stations display the warning “no connection to stockpile” and no resources are delivered.

Yup, this is a bug, and is fixed in the next release.