[Fixed 1.04][Bug 1.03] Loading Savegame

sometimes I load my Savegame, the products for the stations flying around the factory and the stations stop working, because the goods are not coming to the stations. When I laod the Savegame again, a 50/50 chance is that the goods arer flying or not.

THis Bug is in the Veriosn 1.03 (but in the corner stands 1.02)

Hi, we had a problem where 1.03 was actually just 1.02 re-uploaded, so you are actually 1.02. In any case, I recommend grabbing todays build (1.04) which I hope should address this issue.

I have now the 1.04. I load the game and no problems, i saved the game closed the game an 5 min later i open the game with the last savegame and now i have the same problem again :confused: Flying resources are funny, but the stations runs out of resources

I can verify that this still happens in 1.06. Reloading a few times seems to temporarily fix the issue.

Hey folks,

got this in earlier versions and maybe when loading a old savegame from previous game versions but not with the actual game version while loading newer savegames.

There is no info about the game version used to create the savegame but the date when it was created.

Kind regards