[Fixed 1.05][Bug 1.01] Crash - Savegame

Hello Cliff

Im having fun so far but have encountered a problem with my megafactory (which in this save im mid way through rebuilding)

100% of the time when trying to save the game ~20-30 seconds after this save the game crashes - even if you play the game for a good 5-10 mins until all the cars are gone from the system (the factory is being shut down so ive stopped making axle assemblies and am letting all the cars filter through

Each time the xml for the corrupt save (the file being generated during the crash) its truncating the entire section from onward = im moderately sure something is overflowing when the counters for the cars exported is incrementing

And in further testing i hand modified an xml file removing (70%) of the many repeated names appearing in the section and things are working again.

1drv.ms/u/s!Aqt01UfokMBglSavpNO1IlTkUKXP - for the xml file of my savegame - i think if you allow 2 cars to export that leads to the crash on save

PS (for the purposes of this debug process it would be handy if we could upload xml files (or even ones with the extension changed to txt) as attachments so we dont have to use 3rd party storage tools)

Hi, I think I know what this is, someone else sent me a save with the same issue. I have coded a fix and it will be rolled into the next patch. I’m hoping to make that sometime tomorrow!

edit: it looks like phpbb3 has a blanket ban on allowing most xml files…how annoying :frowning: