[Fixed 1.05][Bug 1.03a] Crash

The attached savegame crashes if I add another Paint Finish. I’m running 1.03a, but I started the game in 1.02.
autosave.xml (1.3 MB)

Hi, where exactly are you adding the extra paint finish? I’m not sure I can reproduce a crash

I put another Paint finish down next to the existing ones. Attached are some photos (taken on my phone, screengrab not working on my PC).

When I took these, I actually had to put 2 down to get it to crash, and it isn’t always instant, sometimes it waits 15-30 after i’ve put it down.

You got some strange pathing there O_o
There are multiple “Crossing-Conveyors” I’d guess, thats might be the problem

I have a bunch of routing fixes going into the next patch, I suspect it may fix issues like this.