[Fixed 1.05][Bug 1.03a] Reproducable crash with save

v1.03a. In my current game, I just rerouted the tail end of my line, diverting around Fit Electronics (now deleted), Quality Control, and Export, routing to a pair of Quality Control/Exports (no Fit Electronics!) at the top of my map. Loading this save on my computer, the game crashes about 7 seconds in; no action necessary. The game freezes up, although the music continues. If I click uselessly, eventually Windows pops up the "ProductionLine.exe has stopped responding.)

The save: drive.google.com/file/d/0B20Q_H … sp=sharing

At one point I tried saving around the same time the crash might have happened; the saving screen opened, the gear progress bar moved a bit, then it froze. The save game looks suspiciously small; I haven’t tried loading it. If it would be useful, let me know and I’ll send it along.

(Also, is there a better way to get saves to your, assuming they’re useful for debugging?)

Thanks for the save, I’ve got it to crash on my PC and am investigating. its some sort of route-related bug, not sure exactly whats causing it yet…

ok…found and fixed it. Some silly assumptions in my code were meaning that if a single conveyor length was over 64 tiles long, the game crashed! I’m coding a way around that limitation now :smiley: