[Fixed 1.05][Bug 1.04] Arch Specialization

Hi Cliff,

Seems like the order of the front and rear arch stations is mixed up. In the build menu it’s rear arch -> front arch, but you actually have to build it the other way around, else no cars are processed.

I noticed this one too just now.

Thanks…fixed for next build!

Maybe the order of how things are assembled shouldn’t be so rigid to begin with. Sure the rollcage needs to go in before the taillights, but is it really necessary to put the front arch in first and then the back arch, or the roof before the wheels, or the engine before the seats?

fair point, although maybe its even more confusing if there is no defined order? You obviously need some order, body before paint etc, so at least having a defined one means its a consistent rule? albeit one that isn’t communicated well to the player just yet…