[Fixed 1.05][Bug 1.04] Crafting Time Descrepencies - Menu vs. Assemblers

Delving into crafting times, (viewtopic.php?p=82734), I have also noticed that there is a discrepancy between times stated on the build menu versus the actual fitting station.

(Version 1.02)
Fit Steering Column
Menu: 4s
Station: 4.6s

Fit Brakes
Menu: 4s
Station: 4.1s

Fit Valves
Menu: 4s
Station: 4.4s

Fit Trunk
Menu: 4s
Station: 4.64s

I didn’t check all fitting stations, since I figured you’d have an easier way of accessing that data :slight_smile: (I’m guessing that the menu is possibly rounding down all the values? Would be nice to have an exact number there, though, since the menu is the primary planning tool.)

If you want the numbers down to a millisecond, open “Production Line\data\simulation\tasks\tasks.csv” from the game folder
The file structure is (seperated with commas):

  • at the beginning of a line

  • Name of the task (eg “task_fit_exhaust”)
  • Duration in milliseconds
  • Icon in the build-menu (maybe also in the zoom-out overlay)
  • the build cost
  • the amount of power drained
  • the texture for the floor below the station
  • the color (in RGB) in the overview

If you find some values with “0” milliseconds (like “task_fit_bumpers”), then its because they use the durations from each sub-step ( in this case: “task_fit_frontbumper” + “task_fit_rearbumper” 4.4s + 5s = 9.4s)

Thanks for spotting this, I’ll make sure not to round things so enthusiastically, fractional seconds make all the difference :smiley: