[Fixed 1.05][Bug 1.04] Is it a bug or simply not supposed to work this way?

I was building a “Fit Bodyframe” module and connecting it to the conveyor belts.
There are 2 issues I’m having:

  1. The lined up chassis are not going into the module even though there are enough parts and all is facing the correct way
  2. I can’t connect back to the “main” conveyor belt that feeds in my original “Fit Body” module

Edit: OK I fixed it by first demolishing one tile of conveyor belt, but I guess this should not be the way to do it in general :slight_smile:
Second edit: see second image, now the ones with a fitted frame don’t go into the main line, how can I make them go?
Third edit: I started a new game where I did something similar but when going to the Fit Body module everything is placed again instead of completing it

My understanding is that things need to be wired up like this when you are paralleling stations

                     ^=>Fit Body=> ^   => Paint
                     ^             ^
Make Chassis  => => => Fit Body => ^

so that the vehicles are all at the same stage of progress on the line - so to fix your example connect the conveyor from your new fit body station to the production line after the exit of your old/original one

I’m not quite sure whats going on, but the above post is right, each slot checks the ‘input’ vehicle and it wont let it in if it does not already have its previous requirements met. I’m working on a car-based GUI that will make these sorts of things much more obvious :smiley:

But what I was trying to do was have a module that only does the bodyframe and then finish it off in the original fit body module, does it not work that way? Or am I misunderstanding your post?

So you want to run a car into the Fit Bodyframe sub-module to do that part, and then the original Fit Body station to do all the other parts of the Fit Body step? I think the way the game works, it will get to the Fit Body station, see that the Bodyframe is on, and think that it’s already been through the station.

Oh I understand now… I will have a look at the code, it may be quite easy for the game to only apply ‘missing’ tasks in cases like this, but it may not work that way yet.

That’s indeed what I wanted to do. Instead of demolishing the original one to save some money.